With the help of Black Bear Design Group, we have embarked on the journey of updating our marketing communications. The pace of growth and the unwavering focus on serving our clients’ best interests has understandably caused us to push our brand, marketing and social media efforts to the background. Recognizing that this dynamic isn’t going to change (nor do we want it to!) we sought help from the experts. An RFP was sent to several agencies with at least some experience with the construction industry. BBD was the clear winner due to the fact that their response was the most detailed and most closely aligned with our needs. Already in 2018, we have gotten professional headshots of our team and updated our name and logo to better reflect who we are as a commercial GC. The website revamp kicked off on March 6th with the goal of accurately and succinctly communicating the character and versatility of Partitions Contracting to our current and future clients, employees and partners.