Our Areas of Expertise

Here at Partitions Contracting, we have three main focuses:

Project Management

For your business’s next construction or renovation project

Electrical contracting

For new construction, repairs, remodels, or renovations

24/7 response services

For everything from water extraction to vandalism repairs

Partitions Contracting’s 24/7 Response Team understands the nature of service work and the mindset necessary to excel in that arena. We can help with many different things, including:

Site Security

Car Strike Repairs

Plumbing Repairs

Roof Leaks

HVAC Servicing

Repairing Walls

Replacing Lights

And so much more…

“More than a commitment, it’s an eagerness to be there every time our clients need us whenever they need us. Reliability, attention to detail, skilled workmanship, and professionalism are paramount.”

– The Partitions Contracting Team

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